Ampersand Asian Supper Club

Featuring Ramen, Donburi Rice Bowls, and Small Plates in the Short North.

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Reinventions and Inspirations

  • $18

    Braised Beef

    Saffron braised beef, carrots, bok choy, gremolata pesto, shoyu egg (Can be gluten free $1)
  • $17

    Fungus Among Us

    Earthy mushroom broth, local shrooms, pepperonata, shaved asparagus, shoyu egg, pea tendrils, nori, marinated tofu, bok choy, black garlic oil (vegetarian. can be gluten free. can be vegan 2)
  • $17


    chicken and dashi broth, salt tare, charred baby octopus, bok choy, wakame, katsuobushi, corn, shoyu egg and nori


  • $17


    Rich pork bone with broccoli, shoyu egg, beni shoga, pork chashu, nori, local mushrooms, black garlic oil, and scallions (substitute duck $5 extra)
  • $17


    • chicken - $17
    • pork - $17
    • tofu - $17
    • charred octupus - $18
    • duck - $22
    • karaage - $17

    Aged soy and sesame broth, shoyu egg, roasted corn, charred onion, bok choy, chili strands, micro cilantro, sesame seeds, (Vegetarian upon request)

  • $16


    Choice of karaage or confit chicken, shoyu egg, peperonata, broccoli, green onion, nori, beni shoga, togarashi, chili strands  (Can be gluten free $1 extra)

Donburi Rice Bowls

  • $15


    Marinated tofu, sweet chili ginger sauce, carrots, edamame, avocado, roasted corn, shaved asparagus, sesame seeds, togarashi, and shredded nori

  • $16

    Ahi Tuna

    Cucumber, avocado, scallions, beni shoga, nori, shaved asparagus, roasted corn, soy-lime wasabi dressing, bonito flakes, and crispy wontons (Can be gluten free)

  • $15

    Pork Chashu

    Slow braised pork, edamame, broccolini, shredded cabbage, basted egg, beni shoga, black garlic drizzle

  • $16

    Japanese Pork Katsu Curry

    Carrots, onion, celery, bok choy, scallions, and shoyu egg.
  • $15


    Choice of chicken or pork, edamame, shredded carrots, broccolini, green onion


Small Plates

  • $6/$9

    Crab Rangoon

    • 3 for - $6
    • 5 for - $9

    made with real crab, sweet and sour sauce

  • $13

    Messy Fries

    Potato fries covered with kimchi, sesame chili mayo, mozzarella cheese, sweet chili ginger, scallions and pork croutons

  • $9/$13

    Steamed Buns

    • 2 - $9
    • 3 - $13

    Achara Slaw, sesame, chili mayo, scallions

    *can be vegan upon request

  • $13

    Shrimp Buns

    Spicy soy dressing, 24 hour pickles and cilantro
  • $5

    Pork Chashu Egg Roll

    Sweet chili ginger sauce

  • $7

    Marinated Cucumbers

    Green Onion vinaigrette, Togarashi, and toasted almonds
  • $6

    Nori Fries

    Red chili-mayo, sesame dipping sauce, white pepper & sea salt, shaved nori
  • $14

    Crispy Calamari

    Garlic, vegetables, sake mint-chill dipping sauce, nori
  • $9

    Vegetable Gyoza

    Kimchi, sweet chili-ginger dipping sauce, chili strands
  • $7


    Sea salt, shichimi togarashi


Soup & Salad

  • $6

    Miso Soup

    Crispy tofu, wakame and green onion
  • $7

    Local Greens Salad

    Spring mix, edamame, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, furikake. Tossed in a soy-lime ginger dressing.

  • $6

    Seaweed Salad

We have a full bar with sake and Asian inspired cocktails


**5% additional charge on all carry out orders to cover cost of disposables

Call Us: 614-928-3333



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